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It's not easy to run the corporation with subsidiaries. Since 1986, time flies like electricity. We almost forgot a lot of ... Here, casually and aperiodically write a little bit of...


April 16, 2019

In the period of 4 monthes, craze busy production, however, a few non-bulk orders are still in the delay situation in our corporation incluidng our subsidiaries. Our material supplier Steel Factory will adjust production capacity according to the realistic shortage situation. Therefore, Our factory is as the downstream business, backorder problem will be changed & improved.


April 11, 2019

Our corporation's Responsive Web was updated.Welcome anybody to tell us opinions so that we could improve it accordingly!


June 5, 2018
Web was uptated and published by the latest edition on June 6, 2018.


30 slewing rings will be sent to one of clients from Italy before Chinese Spring Holiday 2018. PN is 011.45.1606.000.11.1502. It is the substitute of Roth Erde Model, once again.

From now on, our international balance of payment will be on the account number in mainland of China: account number in the name of Sichuan MetalMiracle Industry Corp..

This corporation is the large enterprise: machinery manufacturer that invested for LYCORES and machinery related factories, and now it increased shares in LYCORES once again. Sichuan MetalMiracle Industry Corp. will face customers from behind the curtain.

40 pcs large size special slewing rings to Ukraine in November 17, 2017.

Italy client QC engineer(Mr. Giuseppe) visited our subsidiary(standard slew rings) in November 15, 2017.

One 40'HP slewing rings to Canada tomorrow. This is the latest shipment before China Spring Festival Holiday.

Industrial Bearings export to Brazil January 22, 2016.
Tappered roller bearings,Deep groov ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. one 40'HP.

Dear Partners, Clients and Customers,
Our controlling corporation has been done recombination for factories in the year 2015. From now on, the maind products and main service informatin will be integrated on web
Best Regards,
Mr. Mao Da Shan
Market Director from LYCORES group
January 1, 2016


large-size slewing bearings for off-shore will be sent to UK next week.

slewing bearings for excavators: 1 20'GP will be sent to Italy in December 24.

Excavator CAT345 Parts 1 40'HP sent to Shanghai port and will export to Canada next week.

Special Products Production Line Updated this period!

Bearings info online this week, especially, large size industrial bearings.

In the past, we did not publish the bearing information because we always focus on domestic market. From the last 3 years, we produced many bearings for Western Europe and North America. This is good startpoint to export!

ERP was updated yesterday. From the last 2 years, some competitors always want to steal our large business dada. From now on, our ERP system can protect special computor virus and then this humiliating history will be stopped!

We will send 50 slewing rings to Italy in December 5.

Military Tank needs special quality parts.

CATERPILLAR quality engineers and purchasing managers visited us in October 19! Their goal is to enlarge the purchasing capacity from our corporation: Slewing Rings.

8 Large Size Slewing Rings(outer diameter is 4.8M) to Canada next Monday.

500 slewing drives(double seals) sent to USA in March 10.

80 special slewing rings sent to Germany in April 16.
700 trailer slewing rings sent to the Netherlands in April 6.

Big Opportunity Needs Drastic Reforms!

LYCORES is facing special big opportunity in the current international economy and military situation.

We think "Big Opportunity Needs Drastic Reforms"! We will focus on core products and core business with much more important source so that enhence our special advantages! At the sametime, we will cancel not important products so that we can pay more attention to the core business!

Absolutely, this is the special milestone for LYCORES group and our core business on this special timepoint!

This week, our corporation sign an important contract with Caterpillar, USA.
200 slewing rings contract

300 Trailer slewing rings sent to Spain this afternoon from our factory(One 20'GP container and LCL).

1 container(slewing drive, 40''HP) will be sent to Germany in November 15.

120 large size special slewing rings(raceway diameter is 2.85M, double row stell balls) will be sent to Russia in October 10.

50 slewing rings sent to Caterpillar USA last week.

650pcs slewing rings sent to USA before Chinese National Day.

100 special slewing rings will be sent to Germany in August 15.

2 container's slewing rings will be sent next week. Destination port: Hamburg, Germany.

30 high precision slewing rings to Germany. Outer diameter: 2.8M, Inner diameter: 2.4M.
500 small slewing rings will be sent to Italy tomorrow. Usage: Solar Energy.
A large Italy corporation's CEO visited us sucessfully today. This important visit will improve the cooperation between us.

20 special slewing drives were sent to Canada last week.
60 big excavator slewing rings will export to Italy, next week.

10 big slewing rings will be sent to Argentina in FEB.28,2014. This is a good sartpoint in this market in our corporation history.

Special products Production line always needs more special advanced equipments according to clients' special requests. Until today, Special Production Line 2nd finished updating(updated 3 equipments).


50 Slewing Drives(17 inches) sent to Italy yesterday afternoon. This is the latest batch of slewing drives before Spring Festival.

120 Slewig Rings(with 2 containers 20'GP) aready finished for one of our Italy clients. The products will be sent before Spring Festival.

Our special clients need the special products urgently, so our Special Production Lines still Go On though New Year Holiday! The 33 special big slewing rings will be finished about in January 7.
The others similar special products(for domestic special clients) are also on the Production process with synchronization ways!

This afternoon, our 150 pcs(high precision slewing rings) will be sent to Germany.

From May 1, 2013, we have been building the new factory for slewing rings.


We did not publish the news on web before this point in time.

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