Found in1986. We have Internationalization Production Plateform and High tech tools: CAD(Computer Aided Design),CAPP(Computer Aided Process Planning),CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) & CAT(computer Aided Testing).


In the beginning of our Production history, special slewing rings are our unique products. We are professional to design and produce Special Slewing Rings based on special material such as special aluminum alloy , special Stainless Steel, special forging alloy steel, or the others special material. In this case, we do it with Special Production Line, Special technology, Special Heat Treatment & Special Final Testing very strictly.


But over time, we changed our Production direction and made the normal civilian industry products for many machinery and many fileds.


Now, we are the modern factory based on marketing management, technology innovation, subsidiary factories & subsidiary business companies. With the senior engineers of over 30 years experience, We've been developing stronger and stronger.

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